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Where to Shoot: Discover the Best Photography Locations in the San Francisco Bay Area

In photography, the importance of location cannot be overstated. The right backdrop can transform a simple photo into a breathtaking masterpiece. That's why at Herfeild Photography, we've curated a list of unique spots around the San Francisco Bay Area where nature and light combine to create the perfect setting for any photo session. Step away from the familiar and explore these less-traveled locales with us.

1. Coyote Hill

Perched on the outskirts of the city, Coyote Hill offers a panoramic view of the Bay Area. The golden hours of sunrise and sunset provide the perfect light to capture the undulating hills and the distant city skyline. The serene environment makes it an ideal spot for landscape and wildlife photography.

Dady kisses baby
Coyote Hill

2. Foothill Park

Foothill Park is a hidden gem that boasts a variety of natural scenes from lush greenery to sparkling lakes. The park's diverse terrain provides multiple opportunities for creative photography. Capture reflections in the water, the texture of the foliage, or the play of light through the trees.

3. Bol Park

Bol Park is a hidden gem in Palo Alto. For those interested in a more rustic setting, Bol Park features charming pathways lined with old oak trees and a small creek that meanders through the landscape. It's a quieter location, great for those looking to escape the usual hustle and bustle and focus on the subtler details of nature.

4. Shoreline Lake Park

A favorite among local photographers, Shoreline Lake Park offers breathtaking views of the water against the backdrop of the mountains. It’s an excellent location for bird photography and sunset landscapes. The reflective waters of the lake add a dramatic effect to any composition.

Family at golden hour

A Note on City Parks

While the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area is home to many beautiful parks, they often become crowded, especially on weekends. For photographers, this can mean unwanted people in your shots and a less peaceful shooting experience. I recommend exploring these lesser-known spots outside the city limits for a more tranquil and rewarding photography session.


Exploring new locations is a fantastic way to enhance your photography skills and add some stunning images to your portfolio. At Herfeild Photography, we're always on the lookout for unique spots that inspire creativity and bring out the best in our work. We hope you find these recommendations helpful and invite you to capture the beauty of these locations through your lens.

For more stunning photographs from these and other locations, visit our website at Happy shooting!


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